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Auto-Enrolment on Zombie Pensions Model

By October 31, 2019Blog

Auto-Enrolment on Zombie Pensions Model

Ireland is attempting to add a new pension product class without addressing the deep structural problems associated with the Old Age Pension Scheme and the Public Sector, preferring to conceal the hard truths in a fog of groupthink that all will be well, that the Pay As You Go (PAYG) system, funding from current tax receipts will cover the chasm. It won’t.

The attached papers include my submission to Minister Regina Doherty in response to the Auto-Enrolment Strawman Sept 2018 which attached a detailed paper given to Mallow Street Pensions Conference in Dublin the same month. It also contains articles published in the Irish Examiner, 25 Dirty Secrets about Pensions (April 2018) and Why Your Financial Advisor will No longer Come to the Phone ( March 2019). Finally for convenience I’ve added the ISME response to Auto-Enrolment discussing a universal pension scheme.

AutoEnrolment on a Zombie Pensions Model

Eddie Hobbs

October 2019