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2006 Unique Warning Before the GFC

By June 19, 2019Blog

Loot Books

Author: Eddie Hobbs 2006


“A warning about the need to Sell Property to reduce debt to under 50% of Balance Sheet value, to get out of low-grade banks that could collapse, to sell Shares and buy Bonds & Gold, from before the GFC in 2006”

SOURCE: Loot 2006, A Word of Warning






2017 – The Pivot

The Pivot Eddie Hobbs

Author: Eddie Hobbs 2017


“The Pivot written for The Jack and Jill Foundation in October 2017, same Warning about excessive debt”





Ongoing Warning June 2019

“Is a Recession Looming? That’s the Muli-Billion Dollar Question?”–thats-the-multi-billion-dollar-question-930383.html

SOURCE: The Examiner June 2019

Take a look at extracts of Loot and The Pivot: Loot & The Pivot EXTRACTS