Irish Examiner -12 key points missing from Public Service Pay Commission

Financial adviser and author Eddie Hobbs details 12 key points that were missing from the Public Service Pay Commission THE Public Service Pay Commission (PSPC) report published on Tuesday, despite

Entrepreneur Relief Game Changer

The introduction of Entrepreneur Relief, partially to defend against competition from the UK, is about to change the landscape for retirement planning for Ireland’s SME owners, especially if, as expected,

Letter to Leo Varadkar from Dr. Fin Breatnach 10th September 2014

September 10th, 2014. Minister Leo Varadkar, Department of Health, Hawkins House, Hawkins Street, Dublin 2.   Dear Minister, I understand from Jonathan Irwin, whom you will be meeting on September

Lessons from my 2006 Warning Before the GFC

About 2004 I’d started to get concerned about the debt bubble in the USA and not just the one at home, so I started adding Gold to client portfolios when

Irish Credit Unions – How do they reinvent, after loan demand collapse and crushed returns on fixed interest products?

The day Newbridge Credit Union died in 2013 after a savage run on its savings, the sense of loss of a social keystone cut deep and as widely felt throughout

DATA PROTECTION DAY – Consumer Rights to Data Privacy

Consumer Rights to Data Privacy, not a moment too soon. Close of play Friday. The weekend feeling had arrived. About to turn off her PC one of the staff at

Euro Lotto Winner –The Golden Dozen

Dear Euro Lotto Winner, There’s no template and very few knocking about, who’ve ever dealt with the outcomes of sudden mega-windfalls, money that has not been learned and earned, over

  Rent control alone is not enough. We need a multi-faceted approach unhindered by the chronic short-termism of clientilism, says Eddie Hobbs.  

The End Phase of the Global Financial Crisis Opens

2016 began with very heavy falls in equities meanwhile fixed interest Government bonds rallied even further driving more yields into negative territory, still investors piled in, guaranteed to lose money